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16 Giugno 2022
16 Giugno 2022

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Tegoalarm via Finebaum

Tegoalarm began reporting in 2010, and has published 185 stories in that time. This sample of stories includes:

A leading polluter has installed a 1,200-foot-long water pump, which raises alarm over the health impacts of the pollutants.

The Big Farms Association denied it was using inflammatory rhetoric to scare off some small dairy farms, but doesn’t seem to mind blaming the government for all the damaging emissions.

An irrigation plan involves enlisting major mining corporations to extract heat from wastewater.


For the first time since 1936, irrigation water is no longer classified as “hummifying waste”—meaning it no longer can be drained or treated under federal regulations designed to protect the public health and the environment.

The rule change stems from a 2006 decision to strip the terms “hummifying waste” and “soil-eroding” from the federal Clean Water Act’s definition of “hazardous” waste.

After generations of wrangling over the definition, the EPA and U.S. Department of the Interior have decided to codify the 2006 changes by reclassifying irrigation water as “non-hazardous” and removing the “hummifying” and “soil-eroding” terms.

The shift clears the way for water use by irrigators and opens a relatively small corner of the federal “clean water” system to unregulated use.

For some, the change means using the same water for landscape irrigation and environmental protection. But other groups fear that water rights disputes will intensify as a result.

Published in the Journal of American

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Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franck (29 September 1728 – 13 December 1798) was a French composer, lutenist, instrument-maker, and organist.

Franck’s musical output is remarkable because he produced music in genres that were not in vogue at the time: sonatas, cantatas, harpsichord music, and French dances. He composed a large number of transcriptions of Italian pieces for lute. He also added his own harmonic inventions to the lute, such as the harmonized arpeggio.


Franck was born in Poitiers, France, and studied at the Conservatoire de Paris, where he was a pupil of André Cardinal Destouches and taught by Jean-Philippe Rameau. In 1752, Franck moved to the court of King Louis XV where he received the position of organist at the Concert Spirituel. During this time, he performed the organ and harpsichord and played the violin and other instruments for special events.

In 1757, Franck wrote his earliest sonata in D major for violin and keyboard (or harpsichord). This sonata is an example of a class of chamber music called Concertos à quatre mains, which is essentially an unusual sonata with four hands, all on separate parts. This is a music genre that was popular in the late 18th century, but had begun to disappear by the end of the 18th century.

Franck was a talented organist, who spent much of his time tuning his instruments. He is known for his extensive set of transcriptions of Italian instrumental sonatas, to which he added variations, and also his own adaptations of the new Italian opera, commedia dell’arte such as Orpheus.

Franck also wrote the first French opera, L’étoile du nord, which premiered on 1 February 1766 at the Comédie-Italienne. In 1769, he was appointed an organist at the La Madeleine church of Paris.

Franck died in Paris in


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