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Your account will be banned if you can post in 2 days period.The decision comes after the controversial NSA’s warrantless surveillance program was revealed in late 2013 by ex-contractor Edward Snowden.

On the eve of the Christmas week, the United States government has ordered the shutdown of the 7,000-plus computers running the servers of the websites of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

According to the Washington Post, the decision was made after the controversial National Security Agency (NSA)’s warrantless surveillance program was revealed in late 2013 by former U.S. contractor Edward Snowden.

The National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower has been in Russia since he disclosed the vast Internet and telephone surveillance program, otherwise known as PRISM, which was allegedly run by the NSA and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the United States.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the U.S. government’s federal human resources agency and has the sole responsibility of hiring and compensating federal government employees.

The decision was made in January after the OPM’s internal network was infected by the “W32/Samas,” the NSA’s Remote Access Tool (RAT) that enables cyber-criminals to hijack computers at will.

The malware was discovered in December 2013 by security researchers who analyzed the OPM’s system logs.

According to the Washington Post, the takedown “kills” the system and no longer permits anyone to enter credentials to access government computers or files. The newspaper cited the military’s Joint Task Force–Computer Network Defense (JTFC-CND), a cybersecurity unit that fights computer network attacks from “foreign intelligence services, criminal networks and terrorists.”

The operation was first announced through a tweet by JTFC-CND commander Colonel Patrick Evans, and it was later revealed by the Washington Post.

“OPM is a critical IT system that is essential to the federal government providing services to federal employees and their families,” Evans tweeted. “If you need service from OPM, you will need to use another IT system.”

The highly publicized attack comes three years after the death of Jennifer Urbanek, the 36-year-old victim of a 2012 hacker attack that left her dead.

“While the intent behind the recent OPM breach is not certain

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In a speech in Marshalltown, Iowa, Sanders maintained his argument that the states should decide the Democratic nomination, rather than superdelegates, and said that if that argument wasn’t accepted at the Philadelphia convention, the party should choose a different candidate.

“If we lose that


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